Climate Change Project

Students were put into researcher groups and worked alongside researchers Alkis Blanz (Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change) and Michael Kostmann (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research) and a Polish partner school.

Students wrote and selected survey questions and sent the survey to friends but also to people with different ages, academic qualifications and jobs to collect data for a research poster.

The aim was to find out how much the students’ community and people in other countries (Poland) know and care about climate change. They finally presented the poster in an online-class. Some students were also keen to challenge themselves and presented their poster to a broad international audience on Earth Day, April 22. We are looking forward to listening to other presentations on May 16.

Congratulations to all students for coming up with so profound research posters. You all have definitely improved your English and Science Skills as well as your digital & media literacy.

Congratulations to Erna, Milli, Lisi & Tjorven in particular who were awarded the Prometeruse Poster Award for best poster.

"It is a good poster, a clear presentation and there is a palpable feeling of teamwork that makes it inviting to listen to. […] The scientific results are interesting. I might have liked to see at least one incorrect answer in the survey question options. It is hard to assess how much respondents really know on a question when all answers are at least partly correct. But it is undoubtedly an interesting piece of research. I found it interesting that so many respondents in both Germany and Poland know about the melting of permafrost. I honestly wouldn't have expected that and am now curious to know if people in Iran, France and Belgium would answer the same. For me, the greatest quality of this poster is how easy it is to grasp. Speakers explained very well what they did. They spoke calmly and clearly and in impeccable English about what they did. They stuck to the key information. It seemed admirably well-rehearsed. And they seemed to enjoy presenting their work, which made it easier for the audience to enjoy the presentation as well. Very well done.“

Benedict O’Donnell (Prometeruse)

Stefan Labenz, Head of Foreign Language Department

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